Slot Machines

Making money for charity from slot machines

I am very into charities. I like to think of myself as a good person with a conscience. The things that go on in the world are quite frankly, devastating. So I always try to find different charities that I can be involved in. I ask others for money but I like to donate my own money too. Since I am not that wealthy, I started playing slot machines recently to see if I could make money like that. I figured that would be a good start. I was right. Initially I did not win all that much from slot machines (I made a little but not so much) but after playing slot machines for some time, I started really getting the knack of it and really making quite a nice packet of money. I immediately took the whole lot and went to the hospital for cancer research and donated all my earnings from slot machines to them. It felt good; I did not have to restrict my money; it was just the extra money I had made from the slot machines.

I think charities when I play the slot machines

Actually I have now started imagining what the charities will do with my money, when I play the slot machines. This gives me inspiration to play the slot machines and to concentrate on winning. I like giving my earnings from slot machines to good, worthy charities.

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