Slot Machines

I love my new shoes now, thanks to slot machines

I had bought the most beautiful pair of new shoes. They were bright pink. I had always wanted bright pink shoes but had never had the guts to buy them. Well now I had and I was so delighted. The only problem was, they killed to walk in. They were rubbing everywhere. I did not know what to do so I went off to play slot machines. I figured if I was in pain at least I could play slot machines and not think about my feet for a while. But interestingly, the slot machines seemed to help me much more than that. While playing slot machines I completely forgot about my feet…and now I can really enjoy my new bright pink shoes without worrying about the pain. I am glad I stated playing the slot machines.

Check out slot machines if you have painful shoes

So the n ext time you buy a pair of shoes that keep hurting and rubbing, start playing slot machines and see if that helps. Even if the slot machines do not take away the pain, you will probably have fun with the slot machines so you will at least forget about the pain for a bit.

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