Installing Slot

Installing Slot Machines Proves Profitable

Business had been very quiet at the local flea market for the past few months. The stall holders tried different ways of marketing their goods in order to increase sales but nothing seemed to help. One of the stall holders mentioned that he could not understand why, when people were meant to have no money, the casinos were still packed with people playing the slot machines. This statement led to someone having the brilliant idea of installing slot machines at the flea market. From the day the slot machines were installed, business seemed to pick up dramatically much to the delight of all the stall holders.

Everyone Enjoys Playing the Slot Machines

Once the word spread that there were slot machines at the flea market, business increased by the day. The slot machines had been installed in the centre of the flea market which meant that people had to pass the stalls in order to reach them. Inevitably, the goods displayed at the stalls caught the eye of people walking past and most people purchased goods on their way to play the slot machines. Not only did the public enjoy playing the slot machines, but the stall holders now had something to do to pass the time during the quiet times, which fortunately, were not many since the slot machines were installed.

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